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Announcement: Pavecoin (PVN) Listing sales on ProBit

Pavecoin Listing

Pavecoin (PVN) is a crypto coin focussed on building a comprehensive ecosystem of resources across crucial sectors and domains within the blockchain and crypto space. It has already achieved significant adoption in Southeast Asia and has begun to expand into other major markets.

The Pavecoin (PVN) ecosystem features a fully scalable, decentralized, and quantum secure system for the transaction of digital currency.

The Total token supply is 10,000,000 (PVN) with 3,000,000 PVN (30% of Total Token Supply) being allocated to ProBit.

ProBit has announced the trade of Pavecoin (PVN) on its ProBit Exchange. The Pavecoin Token exchange will be listed in the trade market starting on September 23 at 0:00 AM (UTC).

The expected exchange rate of 1 Pavecoin Token is $20 although ProBit will announce the actual exchange rate before the launch of the token.

Pavecoin is a cross-chain liquidity protocol that uses the Internet’s aggregation through the Multi-chain Engine, completely Automatic Liquidity, and Space Gate innovations. The protocol includes a full suite of products, including Pavecoin Wallet and Pavecoin Exchange, that make value transfer simple.


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