Home Entertainment Biggie Punishes Saga For Failing To Prank Nini

Biggie Punishes Saga For Failing To Prank Nini


Huge Brother Naija Shine Ya Eyes housemate, Saga has been punished for not doing the duty given to him

It was open to us that Biggie has given Saga and Liqourose a process to prank their housemate lovers respectively.

Saga in contrast to Liqourose has did not act as much as the duty given. They have been instructed to behave up in opposition to their accomplice for the subsequent diary session.

Liqourose did completely to cost Emmanuel and pretend up beef between them however Saga failed as Nini confronted him about why he’s been performing up.

Saga finally explains why he’s been performing bizarre to Nini and tells Biggie he can’t do the duty.

The Punishment Given To Saga

Biggie made a scatter backyard for Saga to scrub as a punishment for failing the duty given to him.

Although he has pleaded to Biggie to tamper justice with mercy earlier than the punishment it occurs that none of his appeals is sitting effectively with Biggie.

In the meantime, Nini joins him to scrub the scattered backyard and proceed pleading to Biggie for mercy.


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