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Airtel Free Browsing (Unlimited) 2021


Here are the easy way to setup Airtel Free Browsing (Unlimited). Blast the offer before it get blocked.

All you have to do is download the app and the configuration file
Install the app (android only – might not work on some Redmi android devices)

Here is the app download link click here

If configuration file extension is .txt ensure you rename it to .hat

Here is the configuration file download link click here

Then click on CUSTOM TWEAK in the home screen.

Look for where IMPORT CONFIG is written
Click on IMPORT, locate the config file and import it.

Click connect and start browsing for free.

Note this is for Airtel users only.
If you want extra 1 hour, click on watch ads and ads of maximum 30 seconds will display.

This is all you need to know, if you don’t understand the above instructions, kindly click the WhatsApp logo on your screen to message us and we’ll tell you the steps easily.


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