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Top Naija Gospel Praise Mix For 2021


Naija gospel praise mix may not be complete without beautiful songs like

“You are the great & mighty God

So greatly to be praised

Beautiful for all situation

You are the joy of the whole world”

Oh! What a praise song – Great & Mighty God by Joe Praize, produced by renowned Iyke Onka, a song that rocked everywhere almost a decade ago, even beyond Africa into several nations of the world

And this is not suprising, considering one’s experience when playing or singing the gospel song within their closet, one literally feels the presence of God all around and this is the power of our praises to God. Our praises move God into action, no wonder the Psalmist said “Praise Ye The Lord” over 30 times in the scripture.


Nigerian gospel music industry has really produced wonderful gospel praise ministers over the years and the beautiful thing is that these wonderful songs came in different genres, some of them with African flavour that makes them stand out in the international market.

Artists like Kinsley Ike, Buchi, Eben, Solomon Lange, Sinach, Frank Edward’s, Samsong, Ada Ehi, Chioma Jesus, Sammie Okposo,  Steeve Crown, Tope Alabi, Buchi the Nma Nma crooner, to mention but a few.In the recent years, many other gospel artists like Mercy Chinwo, Testimony Jaga, St. Greg & others have come on the scene with different praise flavours that give us limitless opportunities to praise God better in our own ways.

In some instances, all these wonderful ministers of God through songs have combined with one another to bring out such beautiful mix of talents, resulting to amazing praise songs sang around the world.

The 2 of such wonderful artists I like to specifically zero on are Testimony Jaga, & St. Greg. These 2 have many things in common which would be topic for another day.


But one major thing to point out is that while Testimony Jaga does a lot of beautiful songs with typical Yoruba style, St Greg completely brings in the rich Igbo culture into his songs whenever he chooses to do any song with such flavour.

And for those who knew him in the early 90s as the Lead Singer of the then Sentsational New Waves (dready boys) this is not of any surprise at all.

Beautiful Gospel Songs

His first Prsise Song as a gospel artist “Ide Ji Ndu m” was such a beauty, a song that people always love to put on a repeat. But his latest praise song “Mgbomgbo Ekele” is out of this world.

The amazing thing is that this song was rendered in Igbo language from start to finish but it makes little or no difference to all ears, whether they understand Igbo or not, it takes them into that atmosphere of praises to God.Mgbomgbo Ekele (Thanksgiving) is such a beauty!

No wonder it is already making great marks at different places, especially in the South Eastern states of Nigeria within weeks of release.To cap it all, the beat of the song is something else, that one could hardly resist making some body movement to the rhythm. And to crown it all, the video truly showcased the true African Style of praises to the Lord – No Dull Moment at all.


We’ve already started seeing it in some Naija Gospel Praise Mix with other beautiful songs & each time, am tempted to replay & replay before moving on. In fact, as am writing this, am just imagining the best Ideal Praise Mix that can cut across different era, different flavour, different genre, yet same strong combination of great prsise songs, rendered in praise of our God.


I wonder what your ideal Naija gospel praise mix would be but if am to make my pick, my ideal pick would be this below. Check them out & I believe you’ll agree with me


  • Mgbomgbo Ekele (Thanksgiving) – St. Greg ft Victor Ike
  • Only You Jesus – Ada Ehi
  • Great & Mighty God – Joe Praise
  • Bianule – Samsong
  • Okaka – Frank Edward
  • My Style – Testimony Jaga
  • Ide Ji Ndu m – St. Greg
  • Victory Song – Eben
  • Obinasom – Mercy Chinwo
  • Wamilele – Kingsley Ike
  • You Are The Same – Sinach
  • Nwa Nwa – Buchi


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