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Centa Ads (Best Adsense Alternative) Review

Centa Ads review

Centa Ads is one of the best advertising and monetising platform that you can actually place your advert and also monetise your blog traffic. Do you want to know more about Centa Ads? Here are Centa Ads review.

How does Centa Ads works?

Centa Ads actually helps advertisers to place their advert on the platform and this will make the advert to show in all part of the world. Also, it helps publishers (Bloggers) to monetise their blog and earn cool cash with it. Many publishers have already been using Centa Ads and they are happy with it. I’ll like to base on How to Monetise your blog on this review.

How can I get started with Centa Ads?

To get started with Centa Ads, the first thing to do is to Register for it (click here to register). After clicking on the link,it will direct you to centaads.com. Then follow these steps
  • Click on the dash menu (the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the page.
  • Now you’ll click on the arrow down in from the Publisher, then click create account.
  • Fill the required form (Your name, email and so on) and submit.
  • Verify your email and you’ve successfully completed the registration.

What next after the registration for Centa Ads?

The next thing after the registration is to create a new zone and generate the ad script to put on your blog.
To create a new zone, login to your Centa Ads dashboard, click on the menu dash by the left, then click on Create new zone. You’ll be asked to give your zone a tag (you can put any name there). Under it you’ll select the type of ads you want to display. There are ads like Text ads, Banner ads, OnClick ads, Video ads and so on. Select anyone you want to display and copy the script on your blog.

How can I get my domain approved on Centa Ads?

Centa Ads is not like other ad platforms. The ads will show on your blog as soon as you’ve pasted it there. There is currently no awaiting approval for your blog to show Centa Ads.

Do I have to create two Centa Ads account if I have two blogs?

No, you don’t have to! One Centa Ads account can be use to display ads on many blogs. All you have to do is to copy and paste the script generated in each blog and all earnings will be collated together in the account.

How does Centa Ads Pays?

Centa Ads has two methods of payment currently. These are Direct bank account and PayPal. To update your payment details, click on the navigation bar on your dashboard and click on edit info. Scroll down and put your account details or PayPal email there.

What is the minimum Payment of Centa Ads?

The minimum amount to withdraw from Centa Ads is $10, for all Nigerians and some other countries.

When does Centa Ads Pays?

As soon as you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal amount of $10 and you’ve updated your payment info, Centa Ads will pay you your earned money on the 23rd to 27th of every month.

Is there any other way to earn from Centa Ads apart from monetisation?

Yes! There’s other way to earn on Centa Ads. This is when you refer your blogger friends and also advertisers to register for Centa Ads. You’ll earn 5% of their earnings every month.

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