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17 Best Way To Make Your Phone Last Long


It’s sadden when our phone’s doesn’t last long enough as we’ve expected. This is because many of us use to keep a useful and confidential information and files on our phone. So, if we loose the phone, it’ll be very painful. Below are some of the ways in which you can actually use your phone for a very long time.

1. You mustn’t use a screen guard or phone pouch if you don’t like those. I didn’t use any for my last smartphone for three years.

2. Don’t hold your phone in your hand when it can sit pretty in your pocket especially when you are in the crowd.

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3. When in a public bus or in the market, randomly feel your phone with a palm tap on your pocket.

4. Put off your mobile data when charging the phone.

5. Download clean master app or maximize the imanager default app on your phone to consistently clean up junks and release your phone memory so your device doesn’t hang unnecessarily.

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6. If your battery runs down even after putting off your mobile data, consider setting your phone on flight mode especially whilst sleeping at night – it literally freezes up its system.

7. For campus students, never take the path where you lost your smartphone to hoodlums all by yourself again; learn to walk in group once it’s late or if the path is sparsely treaded on.

8. If you are in the habit of putting your phone in your back pocket, just know it’s very easy to lose it in a public bus or when on the bike.

9. It’s both debilitating to your smartphone’s & laptop’s battery when you habitually charge the former with the latter.

10. Never hold up your phone whilst chatting or sending messages in a public bus when passengers are over your shoulder. People don’t know how to mind their business.

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11. Please don’t be caught picking a call in a military check point. You may never forget the experience that day.

12. Whilst in a public bus or private vehicle on a traffic jam or hold up, never use your phone especially if you are sitting across the window. Millions have lost valuable phones in such manner.

13. You don’t need your mobile phone to be in the middle compartment of your car openly if your glasses are wound down while in a hold up. Put it in your pocket, your hand bag or the pigeon hole.

14. If you are in multiple whatsapp groups, mute those group notifications and deactivate your phone from automatically downloading whatsapp pictures & videos. Your battery & data will thank you for this.

15. You don’t need your phone’s display light up to 70% and the light on for more than a minute after activity. Your battery will always last for at least seven hours without power and power bank even if it’s .

16. Be cautious when charging your phone with small generators – the light fluctuations weakens the battery’s longevity.

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17. Because we have not yet embraced a contract system where you can pick even a latest smartphone & pay monthly( EasyBuy does now though only for transsion phones like Infinix, Tecno, Oppo, Itel, Vivo) rather everyone buys the latest smartphones & gadgets with their hard earned cash, you need to guard your smartphone jealously. Your contacts, bookmarks and documents are deserving of durability. Besides, you can save up money for more important things instead of saving for a phone every three months.

Good luck!

This update was written by Mr. Gentle Eyisi on facebook as he is hoping to save people from getting their phone lost. 


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