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Open Letter To Congratulate His Exellency, Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun On His 60th Birthday & 1st Year Anniversary In Office As The Executive Governor Of Ogun State.

On behalf of Yewa North 1 State Constituency & the good people of Ogun West at large, I wish our hardworking Governor Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun MFR, happy 60th birthday and 365 days Anniversary in office as the Executive Governor of Ogun State. His Exellency has done excellently well in all sectors of governance in Ogun State. He has particularly done well in Education and Health sectors in which he initially declared a State of Emergency upon his assumption to office. The decision was borne out of the dilapidated conditions in which he met them. It was acute and painful.
It is gratifying to say that our Primary Health Care Centres and Schools in Ogun State are wearing a new look with the yellow roofs today. No more agony and despair. Over 2000 Primary School Teachers have been recruited. There is a prompt payment of salary to all state workers and subventions for our Tertiary Institutions across the state unlike in the time past.  Others sectors like Security, Agriculture, Housing Development so on have never witnessed such purposeful leadership and direction as they have seen in the last 365days.
Martin Luther King, Jnr  noted that our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. I would not want my life to end now therefore I need to speak out on the things that matter about Ogun West which have been neglected for over four (4) decades till now. The thought of this alone excites my curiosity, and a man in my situation has a positive duty to lend his voice.

I could recollect vividly that His Exellency, upon his electoral victory, promised to take Ogun State as one common entity and not be sectional or selective because of his tripartite covenant with His Creator. The system all through the years have been under a false impression that all was well with all the Three Senatorial Districts whereas the two are looking fat and robust, the third,  which generate over 60% of Ogun State IGR is greatly malnourished & starving. 
I could remember that my  first encounter with Your Exellency was on May 17 2019 in Iperu, shortly before your swearing-In ceremony where i was part of the delegation of Yewa Development Forum under the Chairmanship of His Royal Highness, Olu of Ilaro, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle the Paramount ruler of Yewa Land and where Prof. Biyi Afonja was the Co-ordinator. The team that day was led to Iperu by the Emeritus Prof. Anthony Asiwaju with the likes of His Excellency Prince Gboyega Nosir Isiaka GNI, Otunba Akeem Socopao, Prof. Popoola, Dr Kunle Salako, Hon. Haruna , Hon. Jemili, Chief  Kunle Amosun, Engr Diran Ayanleye, Alh. Raheem Egungbohun IBD, Dr Bamigbose and my humble self. The purpose of the courtesy visit was to congratulate Your Excellency and escounce you on things that matters to Ogun West which successive administrations in the State have consciously or unconsciously denied us.
I am certain that Your Exellency is not unaware of all the efforts of Ogun West District to attain the number one political seat in Ogun State in 2019 but the Almighty God in his supreme wisdom and unquestionable majesty decided otherwise. In was in the course of that meeting that Your Exellency extended your hands of  fellowship & goodwill and stated that Your government will be an inclusive one. 
This humble disposition to our political plight and aspiration incited us to give you and your  administration our total support. This by extension also made the long time Political Gladiator and the strongest opposition in the State to align forces with you and join your moving train at great political risk. This occasion and historical moment was celebrated with funfair but with an impregnable message that our collective objectives and ambition is simply developmental than personal.
Your Excellency Sir, i can recall that much after this events, you will continuously ring it into our hearings that you will be fair to all concerns and particularly to Ogun West that has been forsaken by past administrations because of your conscience and the tripartite covenant you have with your creator.  
It is undeniable that this solemn dispositions made our great figure; GNI to align political forces with you while enjoining the three (3) members of ADC in OGHA to give you utmost support despite the fact that our status as members of the opposition with the deciding votes could fetch us some unsolicited favours and camaraderie. We all know that APC Legislators in OGHA are not up two-third which is 18 out of 26 members of the House. Although some of us at this material time are of the opinion that this allegiance should be re-visited because a Yoruba adage says : Eni ti o ba bo epa fun afoju, AFI ki o ma su Ofe . 
Your Excellency Sir, parts of our challenges in Ogun West is the issue of Motorable Roads. The construction and road palliatives done so far in the last 365 days have left us much to be desired. This is in comparison to what has been done in other two Senatorial Districts. The Ota road is a boundary stretch and it is incomparable to what have been put in place in Shagamu, Ijebu, Iperu and even Abeokuta that the last Administration focused on  for good eight (8) years. Yewa has no good Access roads either from Rounder or Ita Oshin Axis. The interior roads are certainly in earnest sympathy. The only major road that link Yewa North LG to more than five townships (Igbogila, Igan Okoto, Imasayi, Joga, Sawonjo) has not been touched since inception of democracy in 1999.  The  road is so bad that no private or commercial vehicles can ply the road anymore except Motorcycles haphazardly. The road has turned to robbery and kidnappers hideouts where so many vices are carried out with impunity. This is the same scenario in others 4 LGs in our Senatorial district sir.  
In that same meeting Sir, the team also urged Your Exellency to give Yewa a full fledge University by converting the newly established Ogun State Polytechnic in Ipokia to Ogun State University Of Science and Technology. This perhaps was the only dividends of democracy that Ogun West got in the 8 years  regional rule of Senator Ibikunle Amosun. As of today, Ogun West is the only zone in Ogun State without a University. The Prof Awolusi led panel submitted their report and recommendations since 5th November, 2019 but nothing has been heard except the rumour flying round that some powers-that-be in Egbaland, in their hungry satisfaction have told you that Moshood Abiola polytechnic and the proposed University of Science and technology should be located in Abeokuta.
The people of Ogun West are not against your decision to re-open Moshood Abiola Polytechnic for normal activities so that the dreams and aspirations of the students will not be jeopardised but the structures that have been built in Ipokia should not be allowed to waste. The prime benefit of that location is that the school will be accessible to International Students  because of its proximity to the border and it can also be a bilingual University as well. 
As at now sir, and in pursuant of that Ignoble domination,  there is a proposal for University of Medicine in Abeokuta which has scaled through the second reading at the Red Chamber by former Governor Sen. Amosun. The compensation for the site has been given to the villagers that own the earmarked parcel of land. Same thing also apply to  Ijebu but Ogun West is no where to be found in these developmental strides. 
I could recollect at that meeting that Your Exellency said that no one bothers about where Obama comes from because all what he did were just and fair. However, it is a common practice here that we clamour for the microscopic background of an aspirant without being mindful of the credibility of such candidate. You promised therefore that your own administration will not descend into such because of the tripartite covenant you have with your creator. 
I just think there is a need for me to remind you all these and also make reference to some things so that Your  Exellency can review what you have done so far. This is necessary in order to balance and appraise your tripartite covenant with your creator.  
I am under the honest impression that to be a Patriot Is not to stand with Mr Governor or a  Political Party But To Protect the interests of the people so I need to be patriotic in my stewardship as their representative.  The late Sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo SAN, the Architect of free Education said: The Hottest Part In The Hell Is Reserved for Anyone who Keeps Quiet When His/Her People Need Him/Her Most . 
Your Excellency Sir, I pray that the Almighty God gives you sound health and divine wisdom to pilot Ogun State to the best level and also give you all enablements in fulfilling your tripartite covenant with your creator sir.
I am an adherent lover of your leadership style and i so much believe in your administration. I implore Your Excellency not to tow the common the path, but chart your own course and win the hearts of the good people of Ogun West  because of its imprisoning limitations and intricate interlace as we approach the 2023 elections.
Igbega Ipinle Ogun, Ajose gbogbo wa ni oooooooo.
God Bless Ogun West
God Bless Ogun State 
God Bless Nigeria. 


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