• Today: April 20, 2021 4:28 am

Effect Of Smugglers And Customs Crisis On Economic Development Of A Country

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To begin with, what is smuggling? Smuggling is the act of moving goods into or out of a country in an illegal way. 
Also, Custom is an authority or agency in a country responsible for collecting tarries and for controlling the flow of goods, including animals, transports, personal and harzardous items into and out of a country.
The crisis between Smugglers and Customs really have effect on the economic development of a country in many ways. Though, some things that normally have negative effect do that positive effect but in this case of Smugglers and Customs crisis, there’s little if not zero positive effect of the crisis.
Here are some effect of Smugglers and Customs crisis on the economic development of a country.
  1. Road block (traffic): it can actually cause traffic on the road when the Smugglers and Customs crisis arise. This can cause great loss for people especially travellers, workers and even students because they’ll surely get to their destinations late.
  2. Phobia (fear): The crisis between Smugglers and Customs can also bring fear to the people and it’s environs especially those living very close to borders. This is because they’ll always think their lives are at risk.
  3. It creates instability: When smuggling overtakes a functioning economy of a country, it creates instability. This will surely discourage business and investment from coming to the area/country.
  4. Death: The Smugglers and Customs crisis can lead to massive death of the people in a country. The fact that the Smugglers and Customs start their fight. Stray bullet can hit many people in that particular area which may cause massive death of the people living around.
  5. Increase in other crimes: The fact that Customs are relentlessly trying to stop Smugglers front exporting or importing goods to and out of a country might lead to unemployment. This unemployment can surely bring up other crimes such as stealing, raping and so on for the fact that Smugglers don’t have anything to do again to earn income. And we all know stealing will surely affect people and the country at large. This is another effect of Smugglers and Customs crisis in a country.

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