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Advantages Of GB Whatsapp Over Normal WhatsApp – RexGists

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

Its obvious that many of us are using some applications especially Whatsapp and GB WhatsApp on our phone without knowing the advantages and disadvantages. This is somehow not okay because we are to know the advantages and the disadvantages of the applications we are using on our Phones.

I’ll like to talk on advantages of GB WhatsApp today. Firstly, let’s know what GB WhatsApp means before going into the advantages of GB WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp is a social application for sending and receiving text, sharing of pictures, stickers documents, contacts, audios, videos and so on. But one thing is that this GB WhatsApp has its own Advantages and Disadvantages. Now, let’s look at some Advantages of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has many cool features that is far different from that of normal WhatsApp. The application is designed add more features which will be useful to the user.

Here are some of the advantages of the GB WhatsApp.

  • Awesome Theme: GB WhatsApp comprises of many awesome theme that will make the application looks more good in looking. You can change the theme anytime you wish at no cost. Even, you can download external theme and install it in the GB WhatsApp. Isn’t that cool? Yes its cool. That’s one of the Advantages of GB WhatsApp.
  • Anti-Delete Message: Many people are fond of deleting sent messages for you not to see it anymore. Tho, its normal but do you know the deleted message can be very useful for you? Yes, it can. But it has been deleted. There’s a feature in GB WhatsApp which will allow you to see deleted messages. Yes, all you have to do is to on the Anti-delete message. And any message sent to you that was deleted will be shown (tho, it will show you a sign that it has been deleted. But you’ll see it even if its in a group. This is also another advantages of GB WhatsApp.
  • Anti-Delete Status: This is just like a deleted messages. Many people also upload status that they’ll later delete it. One thing is that you might not be online to view the status then but using the GB WhatsApp will surely let you see the deleted status whenever you came back online. All you have to do is to on the Anti-Delete Status button. Boom, you’re done. Isn’t that cool also? That’s another advantage of GB WhatsApp.
  • Disable forwarded Tag: If you notice, in the normal WhatsApp, if you forward a message, it will add the tag “forwarded”. But this GB WhatsApp will not add the Forwarded tag that’s if you on the disable forwarded. You might be thinking that what’s its use? Well, if someone send you a message and you are to send to multiple persons. No need of copy and pasting, click on the forward arrow and select those you’re sending it to. Note: It won’t show them that you forwarded it. It will just send them as if you wrote it yourself. This is another advantage of GB WhatsApp.
  • Notifies you if someone is online: GB WhatsApp will tell you if any of your contact is online. You do t need to keep checking their info to know if they are online or not. Once the person is online, it will show you at the mid-top of your WhatsApp homepage that the contact is online. And you can text the person if you have been expecting him/her. Isn’t that cool? I think this is another advantage of GB WhatsApp.
  • You can custom the view of your whatsapp (GB): You can change the font, status color, chat color, and many other things. This will make your WhatsApp looks more attractive.


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