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50 Funny Text Status You Can Post On Social Media.

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Being on social media might be very boring if you dont see any funny meme or texts to read. But RexGists has gathered some funny texts you can post on social medias to keep yourself lively. Here are some.

  1. If you are not dating her stop commenting “my love, my baby” on her post again! Let her future husband locate her easily
  2. This one am not feeling sleepy by this time of the night, is like my future wife is with another man
  3. What a man can do a woman can do better, the day I will believe this statement is the day a woman will urinate in a bottle. I hate nonsense
  4. Any time I enter kitchen with arsenal jersey, I found it difficult to carry cup. Why!???
  5. I’ve been wondering why women moan when men suck their breast and yet keep quite when their babies suck their breast.
    Do they pretend?
  6. I no longer trust the English language. “Give her her book ” is correct but “give him him book ” is incorrect.
    Gender discrimination at its best.
  7. Those people who wear face mask when they are alone in their car. Do you also wear condom when you are alone in bed
  8. Most girls will be like I don’t need your money. But after one week in a relationship you will be hearing. I’ve not eaten since morning. Chaiiiiiiiii
    Girls get lie for mouth
  9. Men want sex, Men like sex, men can’t do without sex……. Potiphar’s wife that want to rape Joseph. Is she a man?
  10. Nothing is sweeter than having sex when its raining . It feels like people are clapping for you
  11. Girls will be sleeping naked and when rat get them pregnant they will be accusing us the innocent boyfriend.
    I won’t accept that thing ooooooo
  12. Since I started dating, no girl has ever told me “you are my world” maybe I am a country
  13. When a girl attains maturity, she wears bra. When a guy attains maturity, he removes the bra. Crazy world.
    But who’s bra need removing…. DM please
  14. If you have curves, it will show clearly from your picture without you stressing, stop standing like you are kicking corner kick
  15. Stop cultism You no go gree, now den don cut your ear , how you wan take wear nose mask
  16. Football lovers: if we have to sacrifice one football club to end corona virus, which team will you pick please
    Me: arsenal
  17. E don happen ooo…. NCDC don rush native doctor go hospital
  18. You are suffering from pneomonoultra microscopicsilic ovolcaniosis
    Yes you! why did you give up pronouncing it tho lazy youth
  19. The Bible is my witness! The books of JOB comes before ROMANS
    Which means find a job before you start to dey romance. No lady want a broke guy please.
  20. You girls should stop calling me pet names when you see me, it makes me release on my trouser
  21. There is nothing that hurts more than having a boil in both armpits. No body will want to lend you money, just because you will be walking like a rich man
  22. You want to have two girlfriends but you can’t solve simultaneous equation
  23. Dear money, the social distance doesn’t concern you anyway! Please come closer
  24. When I am Bored i always call the police just to tell them that “I know who killed Jesus 
  25. I swear money can change your height, even if you’re short and you make money, they will invite you to the high table, my wisdom will take me to China one day 
  26. Dress Well and look good so that when you fartin public no one will suspects you
  27. Good night is enough, never tell me to sleep like a baby again, I nearly urinate on my bed while sleeping
  28. I remember in January one Enugu boy selling a calendar saying “it has more holidays “ and I didn’t believe him 
  29. Egg is now N100 in Nigeria, please did the fowl lay the egg through operation or in labour room
  30. Somewhere right now, a boy is busy smelling his boxer to know if he should wash it or continue wearing it I don’t want to mention names before this boys reading this post will start shouting at me 
  31. Relationship stress can make you so confused!!! Do you know I enter a taxi today and I forget to sit down 
  32. I am selling liquid rat poison, if you catch the rat give it three teaspoon daily till it dies
  33. I smoked weed today and nothing happened, I just wasted my money anyway I just want to tell you guys that Corona Virus is more dangerous than COVID-19 
  34. But Is it wrong to sanitize my neighbors chicken  with hot water and quarantine it in my fridge..?
  35. Lack of home training will make some people to scroll down without even appreciating this jokes 
  36. I will stop posting joke very soon, because most of the beautiful ladies that received my joke don’t love me, is my jokes they love. Please if you can’t love me don’t love my jokes.. Can’t you tell me you love me
  37. Imagine a p*rn star win an award of the best p*rn star and be like first of all i will like to thank God..shut up “”Thank God for what”” you are mad
  38. A slay queen enter a public toilet’s and be like see hw this toilet is smelling..my sister wat do u want to perceive Sharwama or barbecue ”idiot
  39. My best friend has been telling me lies for over 5 years. He told me his wife is good in bed …am so disappointed in him☺
  40. It’s very annoying when u sleep and u enter canada in your dream only to wake up and start hearing Ekaaro o.. Ologi de ooo 
  41. My dear sister if i go down on my knees and propose to you and u say ”No” upper cut follows immediately i hate nonsense
  42. After taking tramadol 600Mg and action bitter with raw weed in preparation for 
  43. Akpors: phone rings.           Girl: baby i can’t make it today.    Akpors: You will never make it in life
  44. After giving him all your sex styles in bed he still says” the man that will marry u will be very lucky o,,my sister stone him to death i repeat stone him to death…God will understand☺☺
  45. She ask me, which poly, can accept 110 as their cutoff mark..i replied poly bag and she blocked medid i say anything bad
  46. Trouble is when u hit a toyota hilux that contains Hausa soldiersmy brother just faint instantly
  47. You gain admission u post it…going to lectures u post it…writing exam u post it…result, is out we no hear from u again
  48. Welcome to Nigeria my country once u dodge your mother’s slap you av join cult
  49. I was shocked at the A.T.M today.After withdrawing money” The A.T.M asked anything for the boy
  50. I use to think jet-li movies were fake until one day i saw cobra in my compound …i ran my leg didn’t touch the ground 
Imaging reading all this jokes and u refused to comment and share to social media. Just know you’re an ingrate! Better comment below now before sharing on social media if you want more. 😉

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