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Ways To Avoid Being Scammed On Social Media

It is of no news that Scammers are relentlessly trying to scam you on Social Media. Many people have fell into this scam act. But do you know you can easily detect those scammers who wanna scam you? Its easy, Firstly, I’m gonna tell you what you’ll need to do to avoid being scammed.
Do not look for a quick money
The fact that some of us are looking for quick money on social media can surely get us scammed. How? Imagine someone who posted an update that “Make $1000 in a day, Message me to get details”. That’s where the journey of getting you scammed starts. Making $1000 in a day without working is a pure scam. The best thing is to ignore the post and move on, or else, just get ready to be scammed.
Never fall for “Money Doubling” businesses online.
Its now the work of many people online now to be chatting you privately about their business. Its fine but some have been abusing it just to get you scammed. Imagine, someone telling you to pay a certain amount and get x3 of the payment in just 30 mins? Who does that on social media? The question is where are they investing the money? how are they doubling the money? What business are they going to do with that money at that limited time that will now yield them huge amount to pay you x3 of your deposit in just 30 mins time. Now, anybody trying to tell you about this scam business, just report and block the account immediately!
Now, let’s talk about “How to detect those trying to scam you”
Don’t trust easily when it comes to suspicious online businesses.
We all know that there are many legit online businesses that can fetch you money, but you have to perform some tasks. But the fact that an unknown person trying to get you registered in a business you have not heard of. You know what, RexGists will give you some tricks to know if its real or not. 1. Tell the person to send you the RC number of the company and the CAC certificate and the site link (be careful when you click on the link ’cause some might asked you to re-login your social media account, please don’t do so. Just go back). The response that the person gives will tell if the business is legit or he/she is trying to scam you!
Don’t Rush into a business.
Many get stucked after being scammed on social media. See, scammers are not sleeping, they keep on upgrading. They are now using new tricks now which I’ll tell you in the Coming part of this article. They always find a way to convince you that their business is good. How? If one of the scammer made post on social media about a false business, over 20 scammers will comment a false testimony under the post. Have you noticed that? Do you know with this, you can be convinced and fall their hand to be scammed? All you need is to be patient and make findings from your friends if they’ve heard of the business. Better still, use Google.
Ask for the website link of the business introduced to you on Social Media!
Many of the online business have their own website. With this, its easy for you to know if the business is legit or not. How? After getting the site link, just search for the domain on Google. It’ll bring the review, read it and you’ll get to know the truth about the business. That’s it!
Another part loading. Just stay tuned.


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