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Some Facts To Know About Dad

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Do you like your Dad or you hate him? Do you really miss him whenever He’s not around? If Yes/No, kindly wait and read this write up.
*Here are some facts to know about your Dad*
Dad mostly keep mood to himself
Dad is just a person who did not show if he’s sad. Its rare to see them moody, instead they keep it cool and make sure you don’t have any idea of what’s happening. Why? He might think the whole family especially you will be very sad if you know that He’s sad. Even if there’s a clash between your Mum and him, you might not know unless your Mum discloses it. Though, you might notice that he’s somehow sad, he won’t tell you anything that happened. Instead, he’ll just give you a fake smile.
Before we go to the see some facts about Dad, let’s know this.
Dad’s love is unconditional
Let’s start from your day 1. Your Dad is one of the most happiest being on earth. How? Its natural. Your Dad always find you the best in everything he’s offering you at that time. He always find a way you’ll be satisfied before going for his own. He makes you his angel weather you’re a male or Female. And do you notice your Dad always get angry when your Mum is beating you then when you’re a kid? Try to remember, its true!
Do you know Dad works all day to make sure he keeps you safe and happy?
Dads are people who work not only for their own betterment. But for your own happiness also. Tho, you might not see his effort but he’s trying to make things okay for you. He can do any work just to make you happy. He can go any length for you to know he’s been trying on you! But many of us still don’t get it right. I’ll give a short writeup on this below this article. Just wait!
Dad’s are somehow stubborn
Oh, what did you just read, Dad are stubborn? Chill, I’ll tell you what that mean. Many of our Dad are stubborn in the fact that its hard for them to appreciate your effort. What did I mean? See, if you did anything good, maybe you pass your exam or you get an appliance fixed. Dad may not appreciate what you did. But always know that deep down, He’s really happy and proud of you but the stubbornness won’t let him show off (sound’s funny?). That’s what I meant by Dads ate stubborn.
Dads can’t do without thinking of you in a day
Yes, this is 85% true. Dad always think of you especially if you aren’t as around. He might not call or message you, but he’s surely thinking of you. Are you asking yourself now that you’re not the only child, why can he think of you? The bond between Dad and his children is really strong that whenever he remember a child, He’ll surely remember others. That’s the case!
Before I finally stop, kindly read this.
Why must you try to love your Dad
Dad is a kind of person who always try to show you love and make sure you’re happy as I’ve said earlier. But there’s a mistake we always make. What’s the mistake? Lemme give you this as an example.
You asked your Dad to give you the amount #10,000. Do you know if that’s the total amount he have with him? Do you know if he have up to that amount? What I want you to know is that, He will think of it before sleeping, let’s assume the amount with him is #10,000. He gave you #8,000 the following day. You’re not happy because the money did not complete. He trekked to his working place just because the planned money has been used for something else so he can’t board a taxi. Also, he will skip one of his meal all because of you. Yet, you’re not happy. You went to your Mum and complain, she gave you the remaining #2,000. You are very happy, you hugged her. I love you Mum! You shouted. What of Dad who gave you #8,000, do you really love him?. #Love_your_dad
I’ll like to stop here. Feel free to comment if you have any opinion. And don’t forget to keep on checking RexGists for better updates.

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