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Glo Cheat: Unlimited Free Browsing | RexGists


It’s really a stressful during this period to recharge and sub. I’ll like to give us this cheat as it is really working as at now. And don’t forget to thank us via WhatsApp if it works for you! Now, let’s go to the point. Here are the requirements needed for the activation:
1. Glo Sim.(You must be on Glo_New_Yak at a plan)

2. EC Tunnel VPN

3. #200 one time Glo recharge card. Now, here is what to do: ==> Go to play store, search for EC Tunnel VPN and download it.

==> Make sure your glo plan is Glo_New_Yakata (dial #100# to check it). If not, you have to get another sim.

==> Buy recharge card of #200 and load it in the Sim. Then you’ll be given 200MB Yakata bonus.

 ==>Now open your EC Tunnel VPN, select any country (United State can be used) and then select NG|GLO Yakata Unlimited in the place where the world logo is.

 ==> Now, on your data and click the red button in the middle to connect.

Didn’t get the point? Fell free to ask us anything on WhatsApp and to get the PDF file. Click Here to message us directly on WhatsApp

Enjoy!!! From RexGists


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