• Today: April 21, 2021 6:42 am

Olu of Igbogila Gives His Neighbouring Area Severe Warning

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     The Olu of Igbogila, Oba Ebenezer Osungade Olanloye utter to the following neighbouring areas “Maria Village, Abule One, Randu, Owoyele, Omilende, Oke-Odo and Ajegunle” over the court judgement which was made on with of February, 2020 that prescribed Olu of Igbogila as the authority to be installing Baales in the towns mentioned above.

     He made a warning to all the areas which was expected of the areas to follow up. Here are the warnings made by Olu of Igbogila;

  1. Nobody must sale or buy any land in the given areas without His consent;
  2. No Baale should be installed in these areas unless He does so.
As we all know that Igbogila is now the head of these villages, it’ll be better not to do anything that will contradict this warning. Also note that “Igboran san ju ebo riru lo” (Prevention is better than cure).
RexGists will always let you know if there’s any other information. Just keep yourself updated. 
Reported by Tetede Yusuf Morenikeji.

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