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Mulabux earning review: Scam or Legit


According to Mulabux, here is their about:

    “Mulabux is a performance-driven affiliate Network Start-Up Launched in 2019.We have Partnered with popular websites as Our mechants (Jumia, Konga, Payporte, Kilimall, Yudala and Whogohost) to generate revenue from commissions per sales we direct to Them. With the help of our Members who want to make money online without stress, we get to drive more sales to our merchants,resulting in cash-flow for our Members.
   This platform is an innovation in affiliate marketing that speed-ens up commission earning process and generate massive audience reach for merchants within a short period of time. Our business model is Innovative,highly rewarding,sustainable,top-notch and second to none and in just a short period of time we are already changing the way People view online earning platforms.”
    Now, let’s go straight to the review, is it a Scam or a Legit platform? Well, due to some proof which will be shown here, I’ll say Mulabux is 98% legit. Yes, 98%.
Mulabux has been paying people since its been launched even I’m among those it has paid. With that, I can assure you all to register and you’ll find it really helpful.
Let’s go to the registration and earning process. To register, you have to follow the following steps:
  1. Click here to register
   2. Click on Sign up. Note: Make sure you fill the form correctly and make sure you input your name as it is in your bank account.
   3. After clicking on “Create New Account”, it’ll ask you if you want to continue, click yes, I let’s get started. Then wait a little while you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked to input your Facebook profile link. ” I don’t know how to get my Facebook profile link, it’s very easy, just Click here to know how to get it.
   4. The next step is to subscribe. The subscription list go as follows:
  • $6.142 (N2,149.5) is the least. You earn $0.5 per day which last for 30 days. Total is $15.
  • The second one is $15 (#5,250). You earn $1 per day which last for 30 days. Total is $30
  • The next one is $25 (#8,750). You earn $1.75 per day which last for 30 days. Total is $52.5
  • The next one is $50 (#17,500). You earn $3.5 per day which last for 30 days. Total is $105
  • The last one for now is $75 (#26,250). You earn $5 per day which last for 30 days also. Total is $150.
You withdraw all earnings at the end of the subscription day.
    You’ll see how to make the payment there. If you have any question, you can call us on 2348140778512.
I’ll want you all to know something, don’t try to do online business which you don’t put money in it coz 90% of them are to just generate traffic.
Some Mulabux payment proof:
With this, you can now see that its real. Come on board and let’s earn together.



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