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Hon. Adegoke Awoso Improves His Constituents Health Service.

Honourable Representing Yewa North 1 State Constituency, Hon.Chief Adegoke Adeyanju #Awoso made history.
As part of his campaign promises to improve his constituents Health Service and Delivery, Hon.Chief #Awoso to his credit has renovated two Primary Health Centers which includes:
1. Agboro Health center in Ayetoro and as well completed it’s long abandoned toilet facilities.
2. Renovation of of komi Oba health center and it’s toilet.
Today, 13th December 2019, all the Health Centres within Isokan State Constituency will be wearing a new look as the delivery of the following items will be made.
1) Mattresses
2) Iron Hospital beds
3) Babe Scales
4) Adult Scales
5) Generator
6) Accosson Swig table BP
7) Filled Oxygen Cylinder and Gauge Filling
8)Adult & Child Oxygen Mask
9)Dozens of Fancy Plastic Chairs.
10) Kerosene Stoves.
The Health Centres benefiting from this giant strides include:
1. General Hospital, Ayetoro
2. Agboro Health Centre, Ayetoro
3. Igan okoto Health Center, Sunwa ward
4. Public Health Center in Ijaka Oke,
5. The Health Centre at ijaka Isale,
6.Igbogila Health Center
7.Health Centre Komi Oba in Ibese/Igbogila ward
8. Health Center in Ibooro,
9. Health Center Joga
10. Imasayi Health Center, Imasayi ward
It will be recalled that the Honourable handed over the Ambulance vehicle meant for the Health Centre in Igbogila to the Igbogila community recently. Since then he has been responsible for maintaining the vehicle for the use of the public.
While thanking the people for the opportunity given to serve them, he also pleads for the people’s support, understanding and patience and then promise to do more by God’s Grace.
Reported by: Olanloye Adeyinka, P.A Hon. Awoso


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