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Must Read: Benefits Of Early Marriage.


     Early Marriage simply means getting married very early especially at teen age. This is already happening all over the world as at today where you see a boy at the age of 25 getting married to a girl of age 19. Is it good? Does it make any sense? Well, let’s look at what we have here before we judge it.

     In the olden days, early married is not encouraged at all. Instead, teenagers are to work and gather something ahead of their future. But now, everything’s changed. Don’t just know yet if its for good or bad!

     Firstly, let’s look at some benefits of getting married early…

  • It reduces cheating rate in town: In early marriage, the young couple will quit the so called cheating i.e they’ll stick to each other without having sex affairs with another person outside. The lady will ask for anything she needs from the guy and not from another boyfriend of hers which may later leads her in lying in bed
  • They enjoy many years of sex: Seriously, young couples do enjoy many years of sex. Let’s assume the got married at the age of 20, they’ll surely enjoy themselves till they both reach 60; That’s almost 40 years. Not that of late marriage where they got married at the age of 30 years or more. They can’t enjoy many years of sex like that of the young couples.
  • They enjoys the fruit of their labour for a long time: Young couples really give birth at early age which is okay. They’ll be strong enough to enjoy their children when they grown up to take care of their parents. Young couples have the opportunity to enjoy their children before or at age of 45-50 (isn’t that cool enough?).
  • They looks prettier at sight: They’ll look cute for a long time because wrinkles will be out of their body at that time and many more years which makes them look beautiful everyday even without makeup. And this guarantees a long-term relationship.
  • Here are some benefits of getting married earlier. Do you find it cool? Do you have any contradicting opinion in those benefits up there? If yes, your comments is needed. Let’s share some views.



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