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How To Download Facebook Videos to Phone Gallery


     Many of us had been watching videos on Facebook which we want to have it on our phone’s gallery but we don’t know where and how to download it. I’ll like to share how we can download the videos with ease and less data.

     To download any video on Facebook, you just have to follow these steps carefully.

  1. When you come across the video, firstly save it. How will you save it? Just click on the three dot (•••) by the right hand side of the post then click on save video (using Facebook lite or Facebook for android).
  2. Go to Play Store, search for Facebook Video Downloader. Download and install it. 
  3. After installing, launch it. Click on browse Facebook. There, it’ll ask you to login your Facebook account. 
  4. After login. Click on dashboard, then click on saved (that’s where your saved files on Facebook stays).
  5. What to do next is to locate the video you’ve saved for downloading and click on it. There it’ll ask you weather you want to watch or download. Click the download format you want and it’ll download automatically.
  6. You’re done. The video is already in your phone’s file.
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