• Today: April 19, 2021 6:25 pm

How To Avoid Being Blocked On Facebook By Hackers

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     Its now an act nowadays for hackers to be hacking into one’s Facebook account by getting the password and change it to there’s. This act has gone wide that many people had loose their long time Facebook account. This happens because we don’t secure our accounts properly. 

     You might be wondering why I said we don’t secure our accounts. I’ll tell what I meant by that, kindly follow up.

     Here are the mistakes we don’t know we are doing that do leads to loss of Facebook account.

  1. Logging in your account to third party’s phone: This is one of the thing we don’t take serious. Many of us do login to another person’s phone just to get updated. This is a risky act ’cause your account details can be changed easily if the phone owner log into it.
  2. Commenting on some posts: There are some people who do post in a group saying “Comment your password, if correct it’ll change to *******”. This post had let many people loose their Facebook account ’cause as soon as you write your password, the hackers will quickly login to your account and change it. By that, you won’t have access to that account again.
  3. Clicking on some links: Some people do post links to Facebook. Some are beneficial link while many are there to get your Facebook account details. As soon as you click on a link and it ask you to input your Facebook account details (Email and password) before you can proceed, that’s one of the link where they use to get your Facebook account details. Take note.
  4. Telling another person your Facebook password: Revealing your Facebook password to the so call your friend is not okay. Try to know that people are not to be trusted because man can do and undo.
Now, here are what to do if you want your Facebook account to be secured.
  • If you login to another person’s phone, try to logout and remove your account from his/her phone before you give it back
  • If you come across a post where it says you should input your Facebook password and see magic or something else. Kindly ignore the post!!!
  • If you click on a link and it asks you to login your Facebook account before you can proceed, kindly close the site and return back to Facebook without imputing your details.
  • Try not to tell your friend your Facebook password; its for your own sake!
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