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A Military Man Was Killed in Iyana Mortuary – Idiaba Again


News from Asuss Press Crew

Earlier this Friday 23rd August morning around 10:35am an accident occurred at Iyana Mortuary – Idi Aba road in Abeokuta very close to Government Technical College . The accident which involves a tipper load of sand from Obafe end of the road with a registration number JJJ833XW and a military officer riding on his motor bike who died immediately also has a lady at the passenger seat who sustained minor injury . As at the time of this report other military personnel have arrived the scene of the event in large number. Passersby and traders in around the location are already running for safety . The truck driver have been reportedly been arrested by the police .
Recalled that this is almost the third of such accidents along this axis involving trucks in the last one month, while it has been observed that the road is prone to reoccurring accident always .
Some onlookers who spoke with this Asuss Press Crew reporter expressed their fear mostly because of the presence of many primary and post primary educational institutions along the route both private and public . Some of them called for many speed breakers along the route and the need for more traffic officials to control the speed of the trucks .
Ayannuga Olufemi
Reporting for
Asuss Press Crew

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