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12 Ways to Insult Someone Politely – 12 shades of “Hey!

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insulting someone


We all love being complimented but there’s nothing worse than a backhanded compliment. Recently @WildTaggers set the challenge on Twitter asking people to #InsultSomeonePolitely and these are some of the best, or the worst, depending on how you look at it!

It’s time for our game! Let’s play, #InsultSomeonePolitely

Hosted by @bunnyhugger75 part of the @HashtagRoundup community and powered by @TheHashtagGame pic.twitter.com/HiFnJp8gLy

— WildTaggers (@WildTaggers) July 28, 2019


These twelve were a masterclass in throwing subtle shade 

Of course I'm not saying that you're stupid I'm just saying you've got really really bad luck when it comes to thinking pic.twitter.com/gFH4mwjAXJ

— libellous registration (@chanty_of_chaos) July 28, 2019


#InsultSomeonePolitely it’s a good thing you’re pretty pic.twitter.com/YmnsU8EQ0F

— 🇦🇺Duncan🛩2.0™️ (@Duncan77101) July 28, 2019



Is the that a picture of your wife? That's a nice frame #InsultSomeonePolitely

— The none and only (@sportsfan926) July 28, 2019



— CK (@charley_ck14) July 28, 2019



I'm jealous of you not caring about your appearance like the rest of us #InsultSomeonePolitely

— HelloFelicia (@hellofelicia14) July 28, 2019



You were the faster swimmer and so you can always say you were a winner once #InsultSomeonePolitely pic.twitter.com/nM74ivMcvW

— Crystal (@SeamonkeyzRule) July 28, 2019



They say talent skips a generation so I'm sure your kids will be as sharp as tacks.😁#InsultSomeonePolitely pic.twitter.com/jhGqjElzCl

— Stella 💕👩‍👧‍👧🍷🍹👍 (@StellaNova87) July 28, 2019



Ma’am, your mustache makes you look very distinguished. #InsultSomeonePolitely

— Dont Think So (@DontThinkso555) July 28, 2019



It’s not my place to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. #InsultSomeonePolitely

— Dr. Jay (PhD) (@EvolvedGuppy) July 28, 2019



Your personal hygiene always takes my breath away. #InsultSomeonePolitely

— Dont Think So (@DontThinkso555) July 28, 2019



I used to love those kind of jeans in the 90s #InsultSomeonePolitely pic.twitter.com/BGRTNMvq3j

— HelloFelicia (@hellofelicia14) July 28, 2019



“I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober, and you will still be ugly” - Winston Churchill #InsultSomeonePolitely pic.twitter.com/hOotfw9u6F

— Oscar Starschild (@oscarstarschild) July 28, 2019



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